With the digital ELSTER NEZO certificate for research allowance

May 27, 2022 | Research allowance FZulG

ARTTIC Innovation GmbH from Munich supports its customers with a new service for applying for the research allowance according to the Research Allowance Act.

With the digital ELSTER NEZO certificate we help you to get the research allowance. A free guide for digital registration with the certification body is now available online: www.arttic-innovation.de/forschungszulagengesetz/forschungszulage-antrag/

In January 2021, the certifying bodies for the research allowance changed the application procedure to a new digital procedure based on the new NEZO organization certificate in ELSTER. The new procedure requires a qualified digital signature from an authorized person. This person must be authorized to sign for official matters such as the signature for the tax return, i.e. usually CEO, CFO or authorized signatory.

The ELSTER certificates already existing in the company or tax office may therefore not be usable at all for applying for the research allowance and a new account must be created via ELSTER.

ARTTIC Innovation GmbH has developed a free guide that explains this procedure step by step: “ARTTIC wants to effectively support research-based companies in applying for the research allowance and ensure that the processes are handled conveniently and without errors,” explains Anne Baumgärtel, Team Lead Germany at ARTTIC Innovation.

Interested parties can obtain the free guide from the homepage www.arttic-innovation.de/forschungszulagengesetz/forschungszulage-antrag/.

ARTTIC Innovation GmbH has been advising on research funding applications at European, national and regional level for 33 years and is intimately familiar with the OECD’s Frascati Manual on which the new research allowance in Germany is based. For more information on tax incentives for research and development via the new research allowance law, please visit the website of ARTTIC Innovation GmbH.