Project videos
Arouse interest, clarify, inform

Arouse interest, clarify, inform

A project video can serve many purposes and there are countless variations when it comes to implementation. Above all, it is important that the result fits the project. From writing the script and storyboarding to publishing and marketing the finished video, we’re your one-stop shop.

Whether animated videos, such as for the SUN-to-LIQUID research project, or classic project portraits, such as for HyFlexFuel, CENTRELINE, EBiSC or TARGET – we produce the right video for you.


All ARTTIC Innovation video productions can be found on our YouTube channel. There you will find a range of different project topics and production types such as video interviews, animation videos, recordings of events as well as mixed forms. The videos are grouped in playlists along the thematic focus of ARTTIC Innovation:


  • Aerospace
  • Energy / Climate / Mobility
  • Safe and inclusive society
  • Health