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“The key for a successful innovation project is not only about what activities we do, but more importantly how we work together to achieve our results as a team.”

Luis Enrique Lozano Aguilar





Florian Fromm

I am a consultant at ARTTIC Innovation GmbH with over 20 years of international experience in Fast Moving Consumer Goods across various touchpoints of the supply chain, from manufacturing and R&D to marketing and sales. I strongly believe that the key to successful innovation is collaboration, passion, strong ownership and finding the right balance between research and execution.

At ARTTIC Innovation GmbH, I combine commercial and my engineering skills to find the best working solution for our clients. Even though my grant-writing background is young, the rest of my multicultural experience and multifunctional skills allow me to easily assimilate the needs of the clients and together work on the science structure, the required processes through the commercial application and consumer needs that need to be satisfied with a unique selling proposition. With my passion for collaboration and concept building, I enjoy the journey of bringing concepts to life whilst adding value to society.

I gained my bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Industrial Engineering from ITESM Campus Monterrey University in Mexico. Throughout my studies, I had the opportunity to gain experience in various processes required in manufacturing, but in one class I had the opportunity to gain experience from a professor whose career was always close to innovation management and marketing, which triggered an appetite to drive my professional career in that direction. My career took me to work and live in USA, China, UK, Brazil and now in Germany, where I have settled down to start my family and finalize my MBA in Corporate Management in the Hamburg School of Business Administration University. Here again, my favorite and most appealing course was a class in Innovation and Business Development, which was also the main topic for my thesis. So, I guess my career has been building up to working as a Consultant in Innovation projects.

Loves music

Will always have something funny to say

Enthusiastic for cooking, nothing beats a good taco night!

Can find light in dark stressful times

Enjoys a Baltimore Ravens game, even if it starts at 2:00 am!

Always up for a chat and a good story

He enjoys his friends but loves spending time with his wife and two boys

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